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We hear the following questions on debt management particularly often:

1. What documents do I need to provide to pursue a debt-collection case?
We will definitely need the unpaid invoices and information as to whether they have already been paid in part. Apart from that, customer orders and any other correspondence may help.
2. Who foots the bill for debt-collection costs?
The costs for the whole case, including our own, are charged to the debtor if the debt is justified, as the debtor is in default. If the debtor should refuse to pay, we will enforce collection by court.
3. Does it make sense to gather information on new business associates?
It’s always a good idea to find out about new business associates. We will gather the information you require if requested. This prevents the risk of delivering to customers that are already in financial trouble.
4. How should I react if a customer contacts me after I have entrusted you with the matter?
You should refuse direct contact with a customer after we have issued a demand for payment, and leave us to negotiate with the customer. You otherwise risk forfeiting your rights.
5. What’s the court procedure in Germany?
First, a claim has to be filed and court costs paid. The defendant has the right to defence against the claim within four weeks. If the defendant fails to raise a defence, the court will reach a judgement by default. Otherwise, the court will conduct a hearing soon after the case has been filed, which will end in a judgement.
6. When will I be informed on the current state of the case?
We will immediately inform you of any reaction from your debtor. Naturally, we will talk to you before taking any action.
7. Can you help me with customers in other countries?
We work within a tight network of lawyers represented in every European country. We will coordinate your case with all of the lawyers involved, giving you a single contact who arranges everything else for you.
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